Do Vector Robot Still Work? | Vector Update

I keep coming around to the question “Do Vector Robot Still Work?” So many people ask this question. Well, I am here to answer your question.

The short answer is yes, Vector robots still work. In December 2019, Anki assist was acquired by Digital Dream Labs which includes patents, trademarks, data, social media, and domain. Digital Dream Labs said they will continue to support the journey of Vector and its community with new updates and long-term support for Anki’s Servers.

What can Vector Robot do?

From my personal experience, I have owned Vector since 2018 and I can say it has been a fun experience. I even wrote an article on the  50 Things You Can Ask Vector .

Our boys loved to interact with Vector, especially my youngest, AJ, who would always say, “Hey Vector, what’s my name.” lol 

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