Arduino Nano + Extra Ground Pins = Grounduino

It’s hard to beat the ease-of-use and small size of the Arduino Nano for simple tasks, despite the availability of newer and more advanced boards. I’ve used the Nano a wide range of scenarios, but, as with the Uno and many other similar boards, all too often you’re left needing “just one more” ground or power pin to avoid a jumble of wires.
To take care of this once and for all(?), along with a few other features on my wish list, I designed the “grounduino .” This breakout board features five additional ground pins, along with five +5V pins, and four +3.3V pins. Optionally, there’s space for a capacitor, which would be especially useful when dealing with programmable LEDs–per Adafruit’s NeoPixel Überguide .
Additionally, the board is designed to accommodate screw terminals for the extra and standard Nano connections. Notably, without a bit of “creative” component bending you’ll have to choose between 3.3V screw terminals and a capacitor, though in a pinch you could certainly attach the cap’ elsewhere.
Mounting options include using either a 3mm screw/standoff, or the holes can accommodate 6-32 screws as well. It’s also possible to use it with a DIN rail adapter, which would be a convenient “snap-on” option in some situations.