Best Cell Phone Detector for 2021 – Detect mobile phones from 2G to 5G!

Cellular phones are everywhere. In some countries on average, there are more than two phones per person in use. As well, there are now more cellphones than people in the world.

Over the past two decades cell phone applications have been trending from voice conversations to a lot more. Now even the most basic mobile phones have powerful cameras, recording devices, numerous apps that can enable data leaks, surveillance and other security risks.

Many organizations want to be able to detect the presence of phones within their four walls. In order to do this, a mobile phone detector is a must-have tool. We have done detailed research on mobile phone detectors and found that the Defcon Protest 1206i is the top pick while the Spy-Hawk Pro-10G comes in a close second. Now without further ado, let’s take a look at the research.

Our Top Pick – Defcon PROTECT 1206i

After extensively researching RF bug detectors, we think Protect 1207i is the best RF detector available on the market today. This exceptional instrument can detect many types of wireless protocols with high accuracy. With the largest available frequency range of 50 MHz to 12 GHz, this is a perfect counter-surveillance device. It is easy to handle with a portable design that can be used for locating different wireless sources.

Defcon Protect 1207i Bug Detector

The Protect 1207i accurate detects all wireless sources such as CDMA, GSM, WCDMA, 3G, and 4G, and also low power transmissions like Bluetooth. This is the best RF bug detector due to its ability to detect low power transmissions with a continuous frequency range from 50 MHz all the way up to 12000 MHz. The Protect 1207i offers the highest frequency range in the market in this form factor. The detection distance is up to 10 m. This easy to use device has a 16 segment bar graph with a large dynamic range for showing the amplitude. This enables precise location of RF sources. Four alert modes including silent, vibration, visual and listen mode with two levels of sensitivity are available in the device.  It has a very durable metal body, solid construction and sleek design.

An added bonus is the Correlation function that enables discovery of hidden FM-transmitters. The dual antenna feature of the Protect 1207i is another excellent addition that enables the detection of ISM band signals with higher accuracy.

This portable device has a good detection range of 30 feet. It works on two AAA batteries with a long operation time of up to 20 hours. These attributes make it an ideal choice for dedicated bug hunting assignments and emergencies.


Large frequency coverage enables detection of multiple signals
Compact and Easy to use
Large dynamic range


Runner Up – Spy-Hawk Pro-10G

Making it to second place is the Spy-Hawk Pro-10G . This...