Episode 257: Happy Birthday, Bill McDonough; career advice for sustainability pros

Episode 257: Happy Birthday, Bill McDonough; career advice for sustainability pros
Heather Clancy
Fri, 02/26/2021 - 05:00

Week in Review

Stories discussed this week (1:50).

Nestlé and Microsoft on financing circular innovations
What China can teach the US about EV fast-charging rollouts

Bill McDonough at 70: A look back ... and ahead  (featuring interview highlights at 10:40)


Navigating a successful sustainability career (24:55)

How can CSOs shape business resilience? GreenBiz Vice President and Senior Analyst John Davies chats with the authors of a new report from management consulting firm Korn Ferry, " The Rise of the Chief Sustainability Officer ." Tune in for insights from Korn Ferry experts Raj Chopra, senior principal, and Andrew Lowe, senior client partner.

Digging into the debate over soil carbon credits (36:45)

The carbon-reduction promises related to regenerative agriculture loom large, and the debate over the value of offsets related to this sequestration is just getting started. GreenBiz Carbon and Food Analyst drops by for a conversation about the divide between "Young Turks" like Nori and CIBO, and "The Establishment" represented by the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium.

*Music in this episode by Lee Rosevere : "As I Was Saying," "Introducing the Pre-roll," "Thinking It Over" and "Knowing the Truth"

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