EOS & Siemens Partner on 3D Printing Software Integration and Sales

In 2016, EOS North America integrated its EOSPRINT software into Siemens’ NX software , kicking off a long partnership between the two that’s focused mainly on the advancement and adoption of industrial 3D printing . In 2018, Siemens provided automation and drive technology for EOS’s new M 300 Series and P 500 Series printers, and now the two have announced that their partnership is growing again. As part of this expanded agreement, EOS will integrate and resell Siemens’ AM software solutions with its own printers, which will unify the industrialized AM process in order to achieve more profitable AM factories.
In addition to making AM efficiency and profitability better, this integrated reseller agreement will give customers connectivity to upstream design and downstream production processes, and give them access to build preparation and optimization as well.

“With this agreement, EOS and Siemens can greatly improve the efficiency and profitability of the AM factory. Instead of only providing the build preparation for a single machine, customers can now leverage a unified process upstream to transform design, and downstream to realize high-volume AM factory production,” Aaron Frankel, Vice President of the AM Program for Siemens Digital Industries Software, said in a press release. “This unified process is critical for industrialized AM.”

This extended agreement makes it possible for EOS North America to resell products in Siemens’ industrialized AM solution as part of its Xcelerator portfolio , which has every phrase of AM development connected by one digital thread—the exact opposite of something called a point solution.

“Point solutions introduce time-consuming, error-prone inefficiencies into the AM workflow. Customers often have to interrupt their process to convert data for different software environments. And the problems with this approach are compounded with every change that’s required,” Frankel explained.

The integration of NX AM software with EOS’ job and process management software EOSPRINT 2 enables users to generate EOS build files directly in NX, defining material, exposure sets, and beam offset values, among other variables. EOS will integrate its own EOSPRINT 2 job and process management software solution with the Siemens NX software, as well as reselling the NX AM build preparation and AM Build Optimizer software to metal 3D printing customers so they can optimize their support structures and better orient their parts. By combining these two software solutions, EOS customers will be able to have access to and use all of Siemens’ AM capabilities, such as:

build process simulation
design validation
materials engineering and durability analysis
product lifecycle management
scheduling and execution
design for additive
performance monitoring
process automation
topology optimization...