Writing’s Future: Playing Nice With AI Robots

*Writers looking to stay employed in future years will want to invest significant time learning how to play nice with AI-generated writing robots, according to Joanna Penn.


She’s a writing, publishing and book marketing consultant who also hosts a number of podcasts catering to writers.

Says Penn, paraphrasing a favorite guru, Kevin Kelly:

“This is not a race against the machines.

“If we race against them, we lose.

“This is a race with the machines.

“You’ll be paid in the future based on how well you work with robots.

“It is inevitable: Let the robots take our jobs and let them help us dream-up new work that matters.”

Check-out Penn’s other insights on AI in, “Writing in an Age of Artificial Intelligence: Advanced Self-Publishing Podcast with Orna Ross and Joanna Penn.”

The podcast runs 44 minutes and is also available in written transcript form at the same link.

I n other AI-generated writing news:

*Online Summit February 24: AI and Public Relations: Online virtual meeting Provoke North America will include a special focus February 24 on how PR pros can use AI to get more media exposure for clients.

Speakers will examine how AI and robots are changing public relations — as well as how AI can be used to pitch news reporters and identify story angles.

Featured speakers are:

~Sarah Bruning Meron, VP of corporate communications, IBM

~John Seabrook, author of The New Yorker article, “Can a Machine Learn to Write?”

~Aaron Kwittken, chairman, KWT Global, a PR firm

*2021 Study: With AI, Marketers Need to Up-Their-Game: A new study from the Marketing AI Institute finds that marketers’ lack of training and education in AI is holding back the tech’s adoption in the industry.

Specifically, 50% of marketers surveyed rated their understanding of AI at the beginner level.

And another 37% rated their understanding as intermediate.

Says Paul Roetzer, CEO, Marketing AI Institute: “Marketers see the power and potential of artificial intelligence to transform the marketing industry.

“But, it also demonstrates that we are just getting started in terms of understanding and adoption.”

*20 Ways AI Could Transform PR and Communications: Mike Kaput, a senior consultant at PR 20/20, has put together a handy, insightful list of how AI could change PR and communications.

Included on Kaput’s list are:

*Auto-production of news releases and media reports

*Auto speech-to-text conversion of talk at press conferences, media interviews, podcast episodes, conference presentations and the like

*Creation of custom story angles by public relations pros for journalists based on their interests, past coverage, personalities and trends

*2021: The Year Newsletters Replace the...