Cisco IT Blog Awards 2020

Like many of us, I started the year 2020 with some expectation that it will be another year like in the past (now we know how 2020 ended up for all of us). As outlined in this post , my blog became one of the Cisco IT Blog Awards Winner in 2019 & expected to be at CiscoLive US 2020 & few other conferences during the year.
I am delighted to announce that my blog has been selected for the finalist in the “ Best Analysis ” category this year too.
If you have come across my blog & found it useful, please give it a vote under the Best Analysis category. You can vote using this link
There are many other insightful blogs on the finalist list. Please take time to go through them and vote for them based on your preference.
As you may already be aware, I am not chasing materialistic success, winning this competition again is not my prime objective of this post.  Since Cisco has selected my blog as the finalist of 2020, I had to share that information with you and allow you to vote, if you feel my blog is useful to you.
I know you all have shown great gratitude for my blog and thank me many times for sharing my knowledge. I appreciate all of you who encouraged me in the past 8 years to keep this blog alive and active. Here is a snapshot of where my top users are in this world 

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