We asked, you told us: Google Pixel Buds are a hit compared to the AirPods Pro

I was a true wireless earbuds hater for a long time. I understood the convenience, but they seemed far too easy to lose. Once I bought my first pair, though, I was a believer. Now I don’t go anywhere without my Jaybird Vistas . (Well, I’m mostly at home nowadays, but you get the idea.)
Now that Google seemingly delivered a solid pair of true wireless earbuds , I wanted to gauge your interest on which pair of true wireless earbuds stands out to you. Out of nearly 7,000 total votes, there’s a clear winner amongst  Android Authority readers.
Which would you buy: Pixel Buds, Galaxy Buds, or something else?

Out of nearly 7,000 total votes across the website and Twitter , the runaway true wireless pick was the new Google Pixel Buds with 43.57% of the votes. Interestingly, most of those votes came from the website, where the Pixel Buds garnered nearly 60% of the votes on AndroidAuthority.com.
The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus , with their stellar battery life, came in a distant second place overall with 24.7% of the votes, while the Apple AirPods Pro barely managed to achieve 12% of the votes. And while Google’s and Samsung’s ‘buds were the fan favorite amongst website voters, things were much more evenly matched on our Twitter poll. If we were going by Twitter numbers only, the AirPods Pro would’ve only been about 7% behind the Galaxy Buds.

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