Get these Pokémon Mystery Dungeon accessories for your Switch

As a nod to past Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Games, Nintendo released Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX remastered for the Nintendo Switch. A little different from what Pokémon fans are used to, but many fans still love it! The Nintendo Switch has many options for Pokémon fans when it comes to accessories to show their love for the games. Check out this list of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Switch accessories and see what catches your eye.

Be prepared

Nintendo Switch Pokémon Poke Ball Starter Kit

Staff Pick

Keep your Nintendo Switch protected and ready to go with this Poke Ball Starter Kit. It comes with a travel case with velcro straps and six-game card slots, extra charging cable, cleaning cloth, and silicone Joy-Con grips.

$15 at Amazon

An extra touch

Silicone Analog Thumb Stick Grips

If you play your Nintendo Switch in handheld mode or with the Joy-Cons, these silicone Pokeball thumb grips are a fun way to add a little extra Pokémon flair to your play. It comes with two red and two blue covers so you can mix and match or keep both sticks the same color.

$8 at Amazon

Catch Control

PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller

For those who prefer a handheld controller to the Joy-Con style, this controller is officially licensed by Nintendo and Pokémon, has up to 30 hours of Bluetooth playtime, and still has motion controls. Available in Pokeball and several other Pokémon designs.

Starting at $35 at Amazon

For Gamecube enthusiasts

PowerA Pokémon Wireless GameCube Style Controller

Although it is for the Nintendo Switch, this PowerA controller is modeled after the old Gamecube controllers but features the same perks of the enhanced wireless controller, like 30 hours of Bluetooth playtime, motion control, and official licensing. Pokémon designs include Pikachu, Espeon, and Umbreon.

Starting at $29 at Amazon

Hard core protection

HORI Nintendo Switch Pikachu Alumni Case

Get a little extra peace of mind with this beautiful, brushed metal case with a Pikachu design not only on the outside but inside as well. Players will have a padded pocket for games and accessories too.

$25 at Amazon

Easy to carry

Nintendo Switch Adventure Pack Travel Bag

The adventure pack travel bag is a great way to enjoy hands-free travel with your Nintendo Switch. The space inside the bag allows you to bring all pieces of your system with you, dock and cables included, as well as more extensive accessories. Also available in a Pikachu design.

$25 at Amazon


Funlab Premium Game Card Case

Bring six games with you wherever you go with this pocket-friendly, aluminum, Pokedex-style game card case. It's slim, light, and packs games inside rubber slots to prevent movement, damage, and...