How to Choose the Best Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool

The chances are that you already get tons of data from your customers through various mediums. The sources of your data are likely to be social media, emails, websites, and so on. If this is the case, you undoubtedly want to make the best possible use of this data. However, data is only useful if you can filter out the waste and convert the rest into actionable insights. Unfortunately, most business owners utilize only a fraction of the data available to them. A good Business Intelligence (BI) tool can help take companies advantage of the customer data at their disposal.
Business intelligence and reporting tool
A business intelligence tool is a software application or suite of applications that help businesses to analyze, organize, and generate comprehensive reports. These tools merge data from all your business data collection points. Performing this task manually on a spreadsheet is tremendously cumbersome.
With a BI tool, you can identify changes in your sales patterns and keep an eye on your spending with the utmost ease. There are several BI tools on the market. Make sure you choose one that suits your business model.

Why are business intelligence and reporting tools important?
Gone are the days when people used to make business decisions through “gut instinct” or on a hunch. Today, you have a lot of insight at your disposal. You do not need to guess anymore. BI tools help you to make critical business decisions. Whenever you generate weekly or monthly results data, you can evaluate how your business is performing and identify areas for improvement.
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So, how can you choose the best business intelligence and reporting tool?
Consider your business needs
First of all, ask yourself why you need a BI tool. This will keep you focused on the features that you need. Otherwise, the wide variety of features on these tools could sidetrack you. To choose the right one, think about the areas of data processing that you find quite challenging. You are looking for a BI tool because you need to answer several questions in regards to your data. Listing these questions will point you in the right direction.
Check the user-friendliness of the tools
Somebody will have to use the business intelligence tool that you want to buy and besides using the software, they will have to maintain it. The users could be data teams or business users. You will find both analyst-focused tools and business user-focused tools. If you want software that can handle complex queries, ensure that your team can understand it.
Consider the tool’s integration with your system
Every business has several data...