Get your clothes off the ground with new hangers

If you're mulling over clothing storage options, you've come to the right place. The best ironing boards help you keep wrinkles at bay, but that requires work, and sometimes lots of it. You can also keep clothes wrinkle-free and organized with the best hangers. These are our favorite clothing hangers, crafted to keep your closet organized, fresh, and clean.

Keep clothes on the hanger

AmazonBasics Slim Velvet Hangers 30-pack

Staff Favorite

My biggest pet peeve is clothes that slide off hangers and on to the floor. These felt-coated hangers from AmazonBasics prevent clothes from slipping, plus they have notches to hold up dresses, blouses, and other delicates. The ultra-slim profile doesn't take up much space, and each hanger supports up to 10 pounds.

$18 at Amazon

For everyday use

Sharpty Plastic Hangers 60-pack

The everyday hanger is a must-have! These flexible white hangers from Sharpty come in a bundle of 60 and can hold up anything from coats to pants. Built-in side hooks take care of ties, scarves, blouses, and belts, while reinforced edges make these durable enough for cold-weather clothing.

$25 at Amazon
$17 at Walmart

Make your suits happy

Zober Wooden Hangers 20-pack

The solid wood hangers from Zober are functional and beautiful. A non-slip pants bar holds slacks steady while the broad shoulders cradle suits and support up to 20 pounds. Toss in a 360-degree swivel hook at the top, and these are a steal!

$25 at Amazon
$27 at Walmart

Stay wrinkle-free while traveling

Trubetter Travel Hangers 12-pack

Traveling and wrinkles go hand in hand. Get some help with these travel hangers. The plastic hangers from Trubetter break down small enough to fit in a backpack or suitcase and expand on the fly to support the weight of practically anything.

$11 at Amazon

Lock clothes in place

SONGMICS 12-pack Wooden Hangers

Keeping slacks looking pressed and fresh is a chore with traditional hangers. The wooden pants hangers from SONGMICS have a locking felt-lined bar to keep pants in place. Available in four colors, these hangers are built strong and have swivel hooks.

$18 at Amazon

Just for kids

AmazonBasics Kids Velvet Hangers 30-pack

There's no need to stretch out your kid's clothes by storing them on hangers made for adults. These kid-sized velvet-covered hangers come in fun colors and are just the right size for all the clothes in their closet.

$14 at Amazon

Perfect for skirts

House Day Velvet Skirt Hangers 24-pack

Skirts and full outfits are no longer a challenge to keep tidy with House Day's velvet skirt hangers. Their velvet shoulders hug tops and keep them secure while metal clips latch on to skirts and slacks. A 360-degree swivel...