Top 13 Proven Ways To Double Your Sales Conversion Rate

If you want your eCommerce store to earn well, then driving traffic to the store is not enough. That traffic must convert to result in high sales.
Not all visitors shop online. Hardly 1 or 2 visitors are turned into customers. You must have wondered that some online stores earn well, even when their store’s traffic is the same as yours. The secret behind this making is not traffic, relatively reasonable conversion rates.
After the people have been driven to your store from the search engine result pages, you have to make sure that they don’t leave before buying something from you, or at least before exploring your store.
If yourself are contending with weak exchange rates on your Shopify store, then seek no more.
This article has 13 robust solutions to double your sales conversion rate.
Top 13 Proven Ways To Double Your Sales Conversion Rate
1. Clear Landing Page

The first way to double your conversion rate is to make sure that your landing page is clear, concise, and easy to navigate.
Suppose the landing page is cluttered or has too many distracting elements like videos and music playing on a loop, etc. A visitor will exit such a page in a matter of seconds or maybe milliseconds.
The landing page should be designed by keeping in mind the visitors you will welcome to your website. Landing pages should be resourceful. They must update the user about the information they’re looking for and instruct him about his next step.
To make it simpler for you, landing pages should have the following items to make them useful:

Headings and subheadings
Customer Reviews
Relevant images to show what you sell

To check which items are useful and clicked the most by a visitor, use a heatmap. This fantastic tool shows you how many people clicked a specific element on the webpage.
Using a heatmap, you can understand which elements are useful and which ones are not helping the user in any way. You can delete the unnecessary details. This will optimize your webpage and make it simpler.
2. Add A Pop-Up To Your Site
If you think pop-ups have become extinct and nobody pays heed to them, then think again.
According to a study conducted by, pop-ups can increase the conversion rate up to 3%, and if done smartly, it can even take the conversion rate on an average of 9%.
Are you still thinking that pop-ups are useless?
Try adding a pop-up on your website, and it will boost your conversion rate.
You can try the following ways to add the pop-ups on your store:
a. Offer Something Valuable
By offering something valuable, we certainly don’t mean to give away the most pricey item, no. You should provide something to your visitors that will be useful to them—for instance, free samples, free trials, PDF, printable resources, etc.