To a Circular Economy

There is no waste in nature.  The output of every biological process is the input for another, and this true whether we talking about leaves falling, animals eliminating, skins being shed from snakes, feathers molting from birds, or the bodies of all previously living things. This concept is known as “circularity.”

Now, sustainability experts are trying to build a so-called “circular economy.”  According to strategic advisor on corporate sustainability Catherine Barth, “Only 8 per cent of the global economy is circular. Over 90 per cent of the world’s resources are used in a single product before being discarded. This can’t go on.”
But what will it take to transition from a linear to a circular economy?  Sure, this will open up tremendous opportunities, but getting there takes intense planning every step of the way, from product design to waste management.
Here’s more about Catherine Barth from her LinkedIn page , and here’s information on the non-profit she co-founded, Circular Norway .
Norway, what?  Yes, more visionary planning along the path to a sustainable civilization from the Land of the Midnight Sun.