Review: The TickTalk 4 does so much, it really comes down to what it can't

From dance parties to photoshoots, the TickTalk 4 can do almost everything — minus one key feature.

When I reviewed the TickTalk 3 in November 2019, I liked the device and how much the company was improving the product, which is why I was excited about a TickTalk 4 review. The companion app has remained largely the same, however, there have been some new features added specifically for the new watch.

The TickTalk 4 now has more feature parity with other best smartwatches for kids . Though, with features like video calling, iHeartRadio Family, and dual-cameras, the TickTalk 4 can stand out in a field that is becoming increasingly crowded and competitive.

This watch differs from the other kid's smartwatches by not trying to look like every other watch — adult versions included. The TickTalk 4 is both a significant change from the previous version of the watch and a continuation of what made that device so good. Here are my thoughts after my son and I spent the last few weeks with the device.

TickTalk 4 review:

Pricing and Availability
What I like
What I don't like
The competition
Should you buy?
TickTalk 4

The TickTalk 4 is a smartwatch packed with fun features for both kids and parents. From dual-cameras to iHeart Radio integration to DND mode and secure communications, the TickTalk 4 can do almost everything.

The Good

Step tracking has been added
Much improved battery life
Added dedicated GPS for location tracking
iHeartRadio Family is included
The display is much better than the previous version
Secure calling and messaging

The Bad

Still no geofencing
The watch is really thick
Location reporting can still be hit or miss

Launching on Kickstarter

TickTalk 4: Pricing and Availability

The TickTalk 4 is launching on Kickstarter, March 9 for $150. Like many products on Kickstarter, there will be various tiers for packages that will include headphones, chargers, and other TickTalk 4 compatible items. Later, on March 24, the smartwatch will go up for preorder on the TickTalk website for $180.

So many features

TickTalk 4: What I like

From the moment I opened the package for the TickTalk 4, it was clear that this was a watch designed to be feature-heavy, and not for some sort of modern design award. The Galaxy Blue version I received is bright blue, with a very different design from other kids smartwatches. The only resemblance the TickTalk 4 has to the previous version is that there's still a selfie camera on the device — otherwise, it's completely different.

The strap is no longer a typical watch band that can be swapped out at a whim; in fact, it's bolted on. It has two sets of holes running along the strap that is, of course, used for sizing but also for...