Solution for the iPhone black screen problem in 5 easy steps

There is no doubt why American users are most comfortable with using the Apple iPhone over all other smartphone brands. It offers a plethora of unique features like speed of use, durability, camera quality, privacy, display quality, FaceTime, and many more. But it is also a fact that machines do wear out, and no matter what you do after some time, some issues start coming up. One of the most common problems is the iPhone Black Screen of Death issue. Read along to know all the possible solutions that you can try yourself.

Why is my iPhone's stuck on iPhone Black Screen? Can't do anything?

Your iPhone's screen might turn black even though the phone is ON. The display becomes unresponsive and black. It's generally called the Black Screen Of Death on the iPhone, where you may not be able to perform any task. Even the touch features do not work. This problem could happen due to multiple reasons like:

Your iPhone is getting overheated.
The battery on your iPhone is low.
Unstable Apps are operating in the background.
Software issues with the iOS.
Physical damage / Breakage.
Hardware issues due to loose connection or water damage.

Steps to solve  iPhone  Black Screen of Death

1. Remove any protective case or outer cover
Overheating should be the first cause you must rule out to solve the iPhone Black Screen problem. Nowadays, for ease we use a variety of iPhone cases to store our cards and cash. But that is one of the primary source of overheating in an iPhone. Remove any protective cover or case which might stop the heat from dissipating. 

After removing the case, keep it in a cool and ventilated place for a while to see if it back to its normal condition. If not, check the next step.
2. Force restart your iPhone
Most of the minor software glitches on your iPhone will get solved by restarting your iPhone. But in this scenario, if your iPhone is not responsive then you must perform the forced restart option as per the below steps.
How to Force Restart iPhone 8 or later models?: 
Start by pressing and quickly releasing the Volume Up button on your iPhone. Next, press and quickly release the Volume Down button. After that, press and hold the Side button until you can see the Apple logo. This will easily force restart your iPhone.
How to Force restart iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone, and the iPhone 7 Plus 
Start by pressing and holding both the Top (or Side) button and the Volume Down buttons. Hold these buttons until you can see the Apple logo.
What to do if your iPhone is stuck during startup / Does not Boot (click to read solution below)?

3. Immediately keep your iPhone on charging!
After you have force restarted your iPhone, there is a high possibility that its battery has drained...