DuckyPad, Do it all with a Macro Keypad

The duckypad has a stack of features that we love, wrapped up in a device that, as well as looking great, might help increase your productivity.
It’s an open source 15 key mechanical keypad with a USB C connector. It looks fantastic with each individual key having an addressable RGB LED beneath. You can create up to 480 custom macros arranged as 32 profiles that are then available to be mapped to the keys. This macropad uses duckyscript which was originally written for the “USB rubber ducky” keystroke injection tool. Using duckyscript allows you to create multi line scripts that can be deployed at a single keystroke.
The duckypad has a microSD card slot for onboard storage which means that all your macro scripts travel safely with the device. The OLED display brilliantly helps you keep track of what script is assigned to each key. Plug and play with no drivers means you should be up and running on any system in no time at all.