Master’s Degree List

Hello Friends! I hope you are doing well. Today I am going to discuss Master degree list. There are many Master degree programs offered by different institutes. A master’s degree is an academic degree offered by many universities all over the world. It normally requires a bachelor’s degree to continue study for a master’s degree. This degree provides theoretical and practical knowledge in the chosen field, evaluation techniques, analysis, professional attitude, and problem-solving skills. Here, I will discuss the Master degree list, popular master degrees of 2021, top reasons why you must have master degree, the scope of master degree, and top universities that offer master degrees.
Master degree list
A Master’s degree is the advanced study in the specialized field after getting a bachelor’s degree. Usually, students get a master’s degree to learn more advanced skills and experience to get a bright future. Most of the companies required a master’s degree for the qualification of getting a job. Nowadays it has become a must to get a master’s degree. Usually, it takes two to three years to finish depends on the programs.

Types of Masters degree
The master’s degree is divided into the following types.

Master in Business, the major include finance, accounting, marketing, human resources.
Master in Engineering.
Master in Law.
Master in Medical.
Master in Social Science.
Master in Arts.

However, there are many fields under these types. Here are some popular master degree list.

Master in Business administration or also known as MBA.
Master in computer science.
Master in structural engineering.
Master in electronics and communication.
Master in Mechanical engineering.
Mater in Medicine.
Master of surgery.
Master in chemistry.
Master in Physics.
Master in Zoology.
Master in Mathematics.
Master of Arts in English.
Master of Arts in Economics.
Master of Arts in History.
Master of Arts in Political Science.
Master in Biostatistician.
Master in Business Operations Manager.
Master in Marketing Manager.
Master in Sales Manager.
Master in Data Analyst.
Master in Database Administrator.
Master in Nurse Anesthetist..
Master of law ( criminal law).
Master of law ( intellectual property right).
Master of law (constitutional law).
master of law (corporate law).
Master of Commerce (Finance).
Master of Commerce (computer applications).
Master of Commerce( accounting).
Master of Veterinary science.
Master in Pharmacy( pharmaceutical).
Master in pharmacy ( pharmaceutical chemistry).
Master in pharmacy (pharmaceutical analysis).
Master in pharmacy ( quality assurance).
Master in genetics...