ODU MINI-SNAP® for SPE / Automotive Ethernet

The ODU MINI-SNAP ® SPE enables Ethernet connection via a single twisted-pair of copper cables, with voltage supply of terminal devices via PoDL [Power over Data Line].
The simpler design of this new generation of connectors gives both weight and space reductions for designers and developers.
SPE standards:

1000BASE-T1 (IEEE 802.3bp)
1000BASE-T1 (IEEE 802.3bw)
10BASE-T1 (IEEE 802.3cq)

Maximum bridgeable distances of the standards vary between 15.40 & 1,000 metres.
SPE is being introduced into new automotive designs, replacing CAN and other bus systems. In future, communication, control & security functions will be managed uniformly via Ethernet.
The field of industrial automation is also keen to benefit from this, with SPE allowing the barrier-free connection of devices, sensor & actuator technology and a great deal more.
SPE is available for the ODU MINI-SNAP ® series L / K and for the ODU-MAC ® series.

Limits with unshielded cables according to OPEN ALLIANCE
Limits with shielded cables according to IEC 63171-6
1 Gbps up to 15m
Up to IP68
5,000 mating cycles
Push-Pull locking
Cable assembly: various lengths and over-moulded varieties

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