What is a Electronic Magnifier/Video Magnifier? (infographic)

What is a Electronic Magnifier/Video Magnifier?

A video magnifier, also called electronic/digital magnifier, is an electronic reading aid for people with severe visual impairment who cannot be helped using ordinary magnifying glass.

How Many Kinds of Electronic Video Magnifier?


Handheld video magnifier M5 HD Plus

The handheld type electronic magnifier is the magnifier designed to fit in one’s hand. In general, they are light with basic functions as a compact viewer.

There are also some handheld devices with larger screens that are equipped with advanced functions, like OCR.


Portable video magnifier Snow 12

The portable electronic magnifier is the magnifier on-the-go.

Although most handheld video magnifiers are portable, some portable video magnifiers are bigger than the compact size of a handheld video magnifier. They are easy to carry around with you.

Desktop (CCTV)

Desktop video magnifier Aurora HD

The desktop video magnifier, or closed-circuit television (CCTV) system, is a stationary type of video magnifier that mostly used in a fixed place.

Featuring the biggest screen size, the desktop video magnifiers provide bigger view than handheld and portable models.

What Can Video Magnifiers Do?

Help you read

The most common functions of a video magnifier are to zoom in/out and display words and text in high contrast colors.

These basic modifications of view are proven to be helpful when reading.

Convert print into speech

The OCR function found on some video magnifiers can turn
words and phrases into speech. It’s really helpful at times when your eyes
become tired. Just sit back and listen to words being spoken out loud.

Enable you to write

It can be difficult to write with low vision, but less so with a video magnifier. Larger desktop units provide ample space to write.

Most handheld or portable magnifiers are not so helpful, unless they include an accessory to raise the device off the table.

See somewhere far away

With regards to distance vision, 188.5 million people have mild vision impairment, and 217 million have moderate to severe vision impairment.

The distance view camera and external accessory for distance viewing are very common on the video magnifier now, which enable you to see somewhere far away on the screen just a few inches before your eyes.

What Can You See With Video Magnifier

Newspapers or magazines
Photos of family
Medecine bottle
Bills or other mail
School books

What Can Video Magnifiers Benefit You?

See virtually anything, clearly

Video magnifiers can be used to read...