Misused Mobile UX Pattern Practices You Should Avoid In 2021

The app UX experience is the key to the app’s success, as it attracts the users and keeps them hooked with the application. The more user-friendly and engaging is the application, the users get more engrossed with the application. 
This is the reason app designers always experiment with the UI design and create the easiest personas for application development. If you are a well-versed designer, then you would be well aware that placing a single element can make and ruin your application exposure.
Thus, research has always been told as the best practice in designing. Moreover, in mobile app development , you should also follow the design guidelines. It’s like making sure to use patterns and UI elements effectively on the user interface to give users a splendid experience.
Are you wondering why user experience design needs to be eloquent? Here are some statistics that would help you to understand the significance of app UI/UX design. 

52% of users have asserted that a bad mobile experience is a reason they avoid being engaged with a company. 
95% of mobile apps are left by users within a month. 
Mobile users are very finicky about site experience and 5X more likely to leave the site if it’s not optimized for mobile. 
71% of app publishers tell they well-formed content on mobile UX boosts user engagement. 
46% of people have said that they wouldn’t buy from the brands again if they encounter interrupted mobile experience. 
60% of respondents of research have said that they will not recommend a business with a badly designed mobile site. 
94% of smartphone users seek local information on their mobile phones. 

From the above statistics, it is apparent that the users of 2021 are more inclined toward mobile experience with both website and mobile app. So, whether you are creating a mobile app or a mobile-friendly website, you need to ensure that every content must appear on UX correctly and provide the user with a more comfortable data flow/person. 
Remember that, to create a splendid application, hiring a mobile application developer that understands the modern users’ needs is critical.  
If you are an experienced UX/UI designer, probably sticking to the guidelines would make you feel bound, and your creativity wouldn’t come out. In the process of adopting best practices, you must be used to thinking that Google/ Facebook, or Instagram are the best examples of UX/UI design with no glitches. 
Well! That’s not true. 
Thus, now we will take a glance at some of the patterns that may be termed as best practices and not be as good as you think.

Misused App UX/UI Design Patterns You Must Avoid 
1. Hidden Navigation 
Millions of posts are available over the internet that tells how in-competitive hamburger menus are, and designers are strictly...