4 Surprising Ways Smart Home Security Can Stop the Spread of Germs

You can stop germs from spreading around your home by reducing the number of objects you touch. You’re probably thinking this sounds easier said than done, but we’re here to prove otherwise. With a little help from innovative smart home security, you can fight back against germs that hide on our surfaces.
As humans, we’re too busy going about our day to take a moment and wonder what could be living on a surface before we touch it. But the unsettling truth is that unwanted germs, like viruses, can survive on a surface for hours. In fact, cold and flu viruses can thrive for up to 18 hours before finally succumbing to the atmosphere. Sure, some good disinfecting and sanitizing can help eliminate germs. However, not having to touch these surfaces altogether leads to even more protection.
The following smart home security products can help you and your family stop the spread of germs:

Doorbell Camera
Smart Thermostat
Smart plugs
Amazon Alexa

Keep reading to discover how installing these devices can fight disgusting particles.

Doorbell Camera
Doorbell cameras are wonderful smart devices you can use to monitor strange encounters or scare away unwanted visitors, like porch pirates. Some of the latest tech innovations equip doorbell cameras with night vision, HD video and integration with your smartphone. This makes it possible to view your camera’s feed from just about anywhere.
So what does this have to do with germs? Well, let’s say you ordered takeout, groceries, or a package and the delivery person is here for drop-off. You can cut back on face-to-face contact by using your doorbell camera to answer the door.
Smart Thermostat
Don’t you hate it when you’re watching a movie or reading in bed, then suddenly you start to feel a heatwave? Or, perhaps you’re sitting at the kitchen table enjoying your dinner when you suddenly get the chills? Both of these instances require adjustments to the temperature. And with a smart thermostat, you can make all the changes you need from the comforts of wherever you may be.
Another upside to smart thermostats is their integration with smart speakers, like the Echo Dot or Google Home. This lets you use your voice to adjust temperature settings while also reducing physical contact with the object itself.
Certain smart thermostats can also learn your schedule and understand your temperature preferences, reducing the need to make adjustments in the first place.

Smart Plugs
With smart plugs on your side, you can automate everyday household items. This includes coffee makers, lamps, televisions, computers, washers and dryers, and more.
For a smart plug to transform your household item into a smart object, you just need to plug the device into an electrical outlet. Next, plug the household item (like your coffee maker) into the smart plug. After connecting the two items,...