How to Get Better WiFi Signal at Home

It’s powerful. It’s essential. No one’s ever totally clear on what their password is. That’s right, we’re talking about WiFi! While some of us can’t remember life pre-internet, WiFi is actually more than 20 years old, and there are more than  16 billion  active WiFi devices in use around the globe.

What is WiFi? WiFi is a wireless networking technology that allows smartphones, computers, and other devices to connect to the internet and communicate over a wireless signal. While WiFi is one way we connect to the internet, it’s not the source of the internet.

It’s the lifeforce behind all the tools and devices that help manage our careers, our relationships, and our homes. And now that we’re working, going to school, and just generally spending a lot more time at home, having strong and reliable WiFi has never been more important.

Do I need WiFi for a smart home security system?

If you want the latest and greatest smart home security equipment , good WiFi is absolutely critical. There’s really no getting around it.

Even if you go with a hardwired system, you may still find that many of the devices you want require WiFi. For example, wireless security cameras typically require a minimum 1.5 Mbps upload and download speed at the mounting site. Trying to use the newest video doorbell without WiFi is like trying to watch a TV that’s not plugged in.

There are many possible reasons why your Wifi is slow at home

Even if you have learned to love WiFi, your relationship may occasionally go through some rough patches. A poor or spotty WiFi signal can be beyond frustrating. When that trouble occurs at home, where we pay a premium for it, it’s even worse.

Weak WiFi may not always be directly caused by your internet service provider (ISP). A variety of factors can have an impact on how your WiFi performs. The good news is, some of them are pretty simple to address, and you don’t need to be an expert to get started.

So don’t break up with your WiFi just yet. We’ve gathered a list of things to try or explore to improve your connection.

Check your home internet speed for free by running a speed test online

A good place to start is to check your internet’s speed and performance at . It’s quick and easy, and you can run a test from your computer or smartphone via their app.

When troubleshooting slow internet, it’s important to determine whether the problem is actually the WiFi, or the amount of bandwidth coming into your home. To suss it out, do a wired test first by plugging your test computer directly into your modem using an ethernet cable. Try to minimize interference by temporarily shutting down nearby devices and closing out programs or applications running on your computer.

A speed test will show you your connection’s upload and download speeds as measured in megabits per second (Mbps). If...