Ring Wired vs. Ring Pro: Which Doorbell is the Right Choice For Your Home?

Today I want to clear up some confusion surrounding Ring wired and Ring Pro . 

People keep asking the question what the difference between the two doorbells? 

In this post, I’ll be digging a little deeper into both doorbells, which doorbell is the right choice for your home, and what their best features and benefits.  

Let’s get straight to the point, The Ring Pro is better than the Ring Wired as it offers a better field of view, can work on two channels: 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz and it includes interchangeable faceplate colors. But it’s also DOUBLE the cost of the Ring Wired.  

What is a Ring Doorbell? 

A Ring Doorbell is a smart home device that can guard your home to protect yourself from unwanted visitors. It gives you the option to see who is at your door without needing to be there.  

The Ring Doorbell comes in several options which can be wired to a power source or battery operated. This allow the video doorbell to be installed anywhere with or without an existing wiring. 

Ring also have several video doorbells models, Video Doorbell, Video Doorbell 3, Video Doorbell Pro, Video Doorbell Elite, Peephole Cam and the latest model, Video Doorbell Wired.  

All great doorbells, but in today’s post, we will be only talking about two, Ring Wired and Ring Pro. 

Ring Wired vs. Ring Pro: Design 

The Ring Wired and Ring Pro are relatively similar in design but the Wired is much smaller, measuring in at 3.98 inches tall, 1.8 inches wide, and 0.88 inches Deep. 

The Ring Pro measures 4.50 inches tall, 1.85 inches wide, and 0.80 inches deep. It also comes with four exchangeable faceplate colors which do not include in the Ring Wired . 

The Ring Pro Faceplate In Addition, the Ring Pro comes with a wedge kit and corner mount used to angle the doorbell against your home’s exterior features.  

Both Video Doorbells display the iconic blue LED around the doorbell.  

Installation and setup 

Both Ring’s Video doorbells require an existing doorbell system for hardwiring installation.  

If your original doorbell isn’t getting enough volts of power, you’ll need to upgrade your transformer.

The Ring Wired requires a transformer with between 10-24 volts amp output, while the Ring Pro requires between 16-24 volts amp output to set-up.

But before you handle any electrical wiring, power down the circuit breaker to your home’s doorbell, or turn off the master switch . 

The installation process is very simple as Ring provides step-by-step instruction . If you have any questions you can always contact Ring for professional help.  

First thing first, check the Wi-Fi connection and speed test, download the Ring app, and create an account.

Now, you can turn-off your doorbell circuit breaker, then test the doorbell to ensure that you turned off power...