Smart Door Lock Troubleshooting

What are the switches and colors for my kwicket / weiser Smart Door Lock ?

Switch: 1 = Door lock status LED blinks every 6 seconds 2 = Lock automatically re-locks door 30 seconds after unlocking. 3 = Audio 4 = Not used.

LED Color: Blinking green = Unlocked Blinking amber = Locked Blinking red = Low battery Solid red = Door handing process did not work properly.

Keypad Warnings Keypad flashes red with fast beeping sound* for 3 – 4 seconds. Three possible reasons and solutions: 1. Low battery – Replace batteries 2. Door jammed while attempting to lock – Relock door. If needed, reposition strike. 3. No user code programmed – Program at least one user code *If switch #3 is ON

What Are The System Alerts & What Do They Mean ?

System Alerts, Reasons and Solutions For Your Smart Door Lock.

How To Delete A User Code On A Smart Kwickset Door Lock..

How To Perform A Factory Reset On A Smartcode 910 Kwickset Door Lock.

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