Top Reasons Why Chatbot Marketing is Ideal for Lead Generation?

Source According to a report, almost 95% of consumers are of the opinion that chatbots is useful for providing excellent customer service. Another study found that nearly 47% of people will prefer to buy a product/services after utilizing a chatbot. That’s precisely why almost 80% of the companies plan to install a chatbot by 2021. In essence, a chatbot helps businesses to scale their lead generation as well as marketing automation in the most cost-efficient manner possible. It is basically a utility which is setup on the basis of certain rules or AI and is utilized for communicating via messenger applications. Here, learn more about how chatbot marketing is effective for lead generation, particularly Facebook messenger marketing.
Top Reasons for Using a Chatbot
Many companies today are using Facebook messenger and marketing platforms such as Mobile Monkey to connect with consumers. The platform is accessed and used by more than 1.3 billion users around the globe and is considered to be extremely helpful for creating chatbots and executing marketing automation without the need of writing any codes. Thus, it won’t be incorrect to say that chatbots are highly useful in increasing leads and marketing efforts.
Below, take a look at some of the reasons why companies are relying on chatbots:
They have a high open as well as CTR or click through rates. This implies that they are highly effective in delivering your messages to the end consumers.
When it comes to interacting over mail, consumers usually don’t want to interact much. However, with chatbots, they have the option of asking as many questions as they want to and acquire instant replies. Hence, companies that are looking to target a specific set of customers can share photos and videos or even design a quiz to increase or improve their interactions with end consumers.
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Remember, emails are never free from spam risks and viruses. Customers can thus damage their systems by opening or clicking an email. Besides, going through heavy and long emails is something that not every consumer is fond of. This is one of the primary reasons why people are more comfortable using chatbots since they text shared over the messenger app is often provide in the standard format.
Nearly everyone today has access to the Facebook messenger on their mobile phones. This means that if you send messages then they are mostly likely going through them over the messenger chatbots. Remember, people find it easier to connect with their friends over chat whereas an email is considered to be more business oriented or formal.
When you use a chatbot for sharing your messages, you...