5 Ways Intelligent Marketers Use Artificial Intelligence

Do you know that you’re missing a great opportunity every day you delay using AI-powered solutions for your content marketing? This means that you’re completely losing a competitive edge over the marketplace! The goal is to reach key prospects when and where it really matters! It’s time for you to capitalize on technological advances such as AI.
Does it ring any bell? If it does, then you’re headed on the right track. That’s because AI-technology incorporated in your marketing efforts can advance your customer engagement into massive leaps.
Artificial Intelligence will help you craft highly personalized content to target your ideal customers with surgical precision. With the help of AI, it will be easier for your employees to identify, connect, and convert prospects.
In addition, AI will help you streamline your marketing processes and prevent unnecessary expenses that hinder your capability to grow your business. It’s a discreet tool that is used by popular brands like Amazon, Netflix, Google, etc.
Artificial Intelligence has become really popular in modern marketing. It has helped thousands of brands increase engagement with prospects. Likewise, tools like this which were once available only for enterprise-level companies are now made available and affordable for SMBs.
Do you want to learn more about AI and the benefit you can gain by using it? Hop on! We will help you achieve success. So, without further ado, here are five reasons intelligent marketers use AI.
Create highly personalized content
There’s a huge potential for content marketers if they can work efficiently. One of the best ways to do that is to integrate ‘natural-language generation.’ Several years ago, Gartner, the global research firm predicted that machines would create 20% of all business content.
Today, machines are capable of creating content using simple rules and formats like:

Business reports
Profit and loss summaries
Actual stock insights
Hotel descriptions
Sports game recaps

AI-generated narratives are tailored as though it was written by another human. However, the tone and insights of each narrative depend greatly on the rules established by your brand. In addition, Rocco, an AI-powered marketing tool can provide you with fresh social media insights that your followers will like to engage with
Artificial Intelligence research reports and ebooks may look like a story straight from science-fiction. However, there are AI tools that you can use to craft an engaging email or social media content, personalized reports, and messages from the data provided.
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