New leak reveals all iPhone 12 specs, with storage starting at 128GB

A new iPhone 12 rumor reveals details that were missing from previous leaks and rumors.
A well-known leaker who revealed everything about the 2020 iPhone SE before the phone’s launch has key details about the four new iPhone 12 phones.
Jon Prosser obtained the actual names of the four devices, as well as the storage tiers and the prices for each of them.
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The novel coronavirus will impact a bunch of new product releases this year, and the iPhone 12 might not be spared. Most recent reports say the four iPhone 12 phones that Apple is about to launch this fall might not be all available in late September, as has been the case for most iPhones since Apple started hosting new iPhone events in September. Some of them might see slight release date delays because of the current health crisis. Apple should be able to produce enough units by September, but the problem is Apple has been forced to postpone visits to China to finalize designs since there are several travel bans in place that make traveling impossible.
Apple is still expected to unveil the new iPhones in the late summer, and a prominent leaker says Apple already finalized the specs, product names, and pricing structure for the new series of handsets. Some of the following details will sound familiar because we’ve known them for quite some time now. But this is easily the best iPhone 12 rumor so far thanks to one key detail.

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Jon Prosser is a YouTuber who made a name for himself as a leaker thanks to a variety of revelations that turned out to be accurate in recent months. He was the first to provide the correct Galaxy S20 pricing scheme for America, for example. His scoops then focused on Apple and he shared correct iPhone SE launch details including prices and the release date. At the same time, he provided plenty of details of Apple’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, as well as the company’s plans for the iPhone 12.
Prosser isn’t alone, of course. Just the other day, we saw a significant leak from a different YouTuber who confirmed some iPhone 12 specs, including new 120Hz displays, camera improvements, and designs. But Prosser waited for that information to come out before publishing his latest findings. In a new episode on Front Page Tech , Prosser listed the name structure for the new iPhones, the full specs, and the prices.
The new info lines up with other leaks, including a previous one from the YouTuber that said Apple will have four iPhone 12 models in stores this year, all featuring OLED screens with notches at the top and 5G connectivity. Of course, TF International Securities Ming-Chi Kuo revealed all that last year. But Prosser has also given us prices for these handsets, revealing that the smallest iPhone 12...