iFixit reveals how the trackpad on the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro works

Take a look under the hood of the Magic Keyboard trackpad.

What you need to know

iFixit has down a teardown of the Magic Keyboard trackpad.
The trackpad appears to operate using a lever system.
It is apparently the only part you can take apart without damaging the accessory.

Last week, iFixit took an X-Ray of Apple's new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro and showed how there was a lot going on under the hood of the accessory. Now, the outlet has gotten to take apart the new trackpad and see how it works.

One of the most surprising things about the trackpad, according to iFixit, is that it is actually easy to take apart.

"Believe it or not, the trackpad was easy to disassemble! A little bit of heat and an opening pick got us past the adhesive holding it down, and now we can answer the question on everyone's mind: how does this thing work?"

Once they were able to take the top of the trackpad off, they were able to confirm how the button system works. Instead of multiple buttons spaced around each other, there is only "one button and a simple, elegant lever system". If you click near the center of the trackpad, you click the actual button. However, clicking anywhere else on the trackpad activates the lever system.

"What looks like multiple buttons in the X-ray is actually just one button and a simple, elegant lever system. The single button is at the center of the trackpad, where the mechanism is rigid. When you apply pressure near the center, whether top, middle, or bottom-center, you are directly pressing the button. Press near the top, bottom, or one of the corners, however, and the lever system comes into play, forcing the contact plate in the center upward to make a click happen. You can see it happen in this animation below. Note how the lever mechanism covers not only the diagonal corner areas, but the perimeter of the trackpad, too."

According to iFixit, the trackpad appears to be the only part of the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro that you will be able to disassemble without causing major damage to the accessory.

"This trackpad is the only part of the Magic Keyboard that comes apart without major destruction to the device. It's likely the last bit of disassembly we can show you, at least until we get full repair guides ready."

You can check out the full report from iFixit, featuring X-Rays and the trackpad disassembly, on their blog post .