WHAT'S NEXT: 200 leaders look into the future of business

Everything's changed.  The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a third of the global population being put on lockdown, millions of workers furloughed or laid off,  and a historic economic contraction. 
The coronavirus has affected everything, from how we work and take care of one another, to how we shop, pay, and entertain ourselves.  To understand how the pandemic is transforming business, in the last week of April we asked more than 200 CEOs from a variety of industries in the US and beyond a three-part question:  How will the way you operate change because of the coronavirus? How will your industry change? And how will the world change?  In this feature you'll find answers from the CEOs of Walmart, AB InBev, Duke Energy, ViacomCBS, Sanofi, Zoom, PayPal, and more. Their insights address the rise of remote work and the cost of commercial rents, the role of government in business, how we'll interact with our doctors in the future, and much more.  The theme: The coronavirus has hit fast forward on many trends that were already emerging.  "The future we imagined for 2030 has been pulled forward to the present, with everything going digital by default," Tobias Lütke, the CEO of Shopify, told us.
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