The 6 Best Plasma Cutters Reviews and Buying Guide

The plasma cutting is the process of using electronically ionized gas i.e. plasma to cut through electrically conductive materials. This technique can be used to cut through metals like copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and iron. The plasma cutters prove to be excellent productivity boosting tools.
It can be a daunting job to pick a plasma cutter with perfectly fulfills your needs.  There may be various considerations for choosing a plasma cutter. You can take a look at the three basic aspects as discussed below:

Material construction: Ideally, a plasma cutter is built to last longer. It is essential to check the materials used in the making of such tools. Generally, decent quality plasma cutters are made up of steel or iron or metal construction. These materials ensure long-lasting use and also make sure you need not replace it frequently. The solid construction ensures great versatility and durability.

Power source: Generally, the plasma cutters are designed to work on an AC input power source. They can work at AC 110V/120V or 110/220V. Some models come equipped with automatic dual voltage power source. It is easy to switch input power based on power needs. This switching of power allows plug and play in different environments

Duty cycle: The plasma cutters can perform under a specific load for a particular period. A lower duty cycle ensures optimal performance for a limited duration. However, for heavy-duty projects, a plasma cutter with a 50-60% duty cycle is enough.

Apart from the above factors, you should also consider consumables included, portability, safety gears, accessories, versatility, durability, and price. You can go through our Buying Guide for a detailed understanding of these factors.
Read the details of the best plasma cutters discussed below:
Best Plasma Cutters

plasma cutters
Power source
Duty cycle
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Lotos Plasma Cutter
Automatic Dual
Voltage (110/120 V 220/240 V 50/60Hz)
60% at 50 Amp
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Amico Plasma Cutter
AC 110V & 230V, 50HZ & 60Hz
60% at 50 Amp
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Primeweld Plasma Cutter
AC 110V & 220V, 50Hz/60Hz
60% at Max Amp
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Coral Plasma Cutter
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Super Deal Plasma Cutter

Solid material construction
110/220V AC,60Hz
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Vivohome Plasma Cutter
110/220V AC
60% at 50Amp
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6 Best Plasma Cutters Reviews
1. Lotos Plasma Cutter

The LT5000D is an excellent choice for home DIY jobs...