The 5 Best Cordless Soldering Irons Reviews and Buying Guide

A soldering iron is a basic and must-have machine in a DIY electronics enthusiast’s tool kit. While most of the conventional soldering machines are either soldering irons or soldering guns, nothing beats the convenience of having a wireless machine.
Cordless soldering irons have been a revolution in the DIY community. They are easy to use, handy, nifty and cost almost the same as a good quality soldering gun. In this article, we have curated some of the best cordless soldering iron guns that you can buy online. This list has been curated on the basis of the following factors.

Source of Power: Cordless soldering irons are powered by batteries or butane powered. In butane, as the name suggests, you have a butane gas-based soldering gun which has high-temperature capacity but with it, a high price tag. A battery-powered is the best choice. Here too, you can choose between a replaceable battery or a rechargeable battery soldering gun. This choice is based on your preference.

Run Time: The second most important thing that you would be considering is the total run time of the iron. Most modern cordless soldering irons have a run time of about 40 minutes or so. But high powered machines (butane ones) may even have higher.

Accessories: Cordless soldering irons come with a few accessories as well. One of the most common accessories that they come with is the LED focus light. These aid in giving you a clear vision while you are soldering in dark rooms or to overcome light shadows.

Apart from these three, there are a few other factors that we have considered which are all included in the Buying Guide section of the article. Be sure to give that a read as well.
Now without any further ado, let us jump in and review the best Cordless Soldering Irons to buy online.
Best Cordless Soldering Irons

Cordless Soldering Iron
Type of Power Source
Run Time
Max Operating Temperature
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Weller Cordless Soldering Iron
Rechargeable Battery
45 Minutes
950 ° F
7 Years
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Milwaukee Electric Tools Corp Cordless Soldering Iron
Rechargeable Battery
40 Minutes
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Lexivon Cordless Soldering Iron
Butane Gas
75 Minutes
2400 ° F
2 Years
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Hakko Cordless Soldering Iron
AA Batteries
120 Minutes (60 minutes minimum)
600 ° F
Claims Lifetime Warranty
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Tooluxe Cordless Soldering Iron
AA Batteries
1050° F
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5 Best Cordless Soldering Irons Reviews
1. Weller Cordless Soldering Iron 

First on our list is the Weller BL60MP, a...