How to complete week three of the Pokémon Go Throwback Challenge event

Get ready, trainers!

Pokémon Go's latest event, Throwback Challenge 2020, is here, and it's going to be a busy month for all you Pokémon Trainers! Each week will feature new Timed Research, and we here at iMore have all the details for week three — Hoenn Timed Research!

What is a Throwback Challenge?

Throwback Challenges are kind of like Special Research, only with the added difficulty of being timed. When you log in during a Throwback Challenge week, you will gain the Timed Research line in your Today View. From there, you can complete the research over a set period of time, after which anything left incomplete will disappear.

Each week in May 2020 will feature a different Timed Research line, and completing them all will unlock an additional line during the first week of June. The weeks are supposed to begin each Friday at 1 p.m. local time. The second week in Johto just wrapped up on May 15, 2020 and now we're moving into week three in the Hoenn region.

Throwback Challenge 2020: Hoenn Timed Research

This week's special Timed Research line includes a lot of Pokémon from Gen III in the Hoenn region. We have Pokémon reward encounters for every step, as well as for a few of the individual tasks, and more of these Pokémon than not have the potential to be Shiny. Nearly every step of this Timed Research line can be completed without ever leaving home, and all of them can be completed solo. The only task that might require leaving the house is earning a Candy walking with your Buddy Pokémon. For this one, we recommend assigning a Buddy Pokémon that only requires one kilometer to earn a Candy, like Magikarp or Pikachu .

Asterisk denotes Pokémon with the potential to be Shiny

Step One

Catch three Grass, Water or Fire type Pokémon for ten Poké Balls.
Autocompleted for five Rare Candies.
Catch a Rock type Pokémon for 500 Stardust.

Completion Rewards: Nosepass encounter, one Pinap Berry, two Razz Berries.

Step Two

Power up a Pokémon for five Pinap Berries.
Make three nice throws for a Lairon* encounter.
Catch a Fighting type Pokémon for 500 Stardust.

Completion Rewards: Hariyama* encounter, two Pinap Berries, one Razz Berry.

Step Three

Send a gift to a friend for one Incense.
Make three Curve Ball throws for a Wailmer* encounter.
Catch an Electric type Pokémon for 500 Stardust.

Completion Rewards: Manectric* encounter, one Pinap Berry, two Razz Berries.

Step Four

Earn one Candy walking with your Buddy Pokémon for a Trapinch* Encounter. Hint: You can use a 1 KM Buddy Pokémon like Magikarp or Pikachu to finish this fast!

Catch three Pokémon with weather boost for a Bagon* encounter.
Catch a Fire type Pokémon for 500 Stardust.

Completion Rewards: Camerupt encounter, two Pinap...