The 5 Best Desoldering Stations Reviews and Buying Guide

Within the electronics DIY community, a desoldering station is categorized under the “pro”-section. A key element to complete a DIY electronics workstation, a desoldering station helps in carefully removing the solder off from complicated and crucial boards and equipment without hurting the circuitry. These stations use the principle of heating the solder and vacuum in order to get the job done.
In this article today, we are going to list down some of the best and top Desoldering stations available to buy. We have curated the list based on a few key factors that you too, should consider while buying a desoldering station online.

Type of station: Basically, these machines are of two types, the first is a hot air rework station and the other is a desoldering station. A hot air rework station, as the name suggests, uses hot air to melt and remove the solder whereas the desoldering station uses a vacuum to heat up and suck up the solder that’s attached to the circuitry. A desoldering station is always the best choice as it is much more reliable and versatile in nature.Desoldering stations again come in two types which include lead-based and lead-free stations. More and more countries are encouraging its users to go for lead-free stations to reduce the health risks involved in lead-based soldering. But if your circuit is based off from lead-based solder, you should probably go for that one.

Suction Power: As desoldering stations utilize the principle of vacuum to remove solder, it is imperative that you consider the suction power of the desoldering station you pick. Larger and reliable suction power makes it easier to rely on the desoldering station even when dealing with delicate circuitry.

Temperature Setting: Another key important factor that you need to consider is the operational temperature range that is available on the machine. Most of the entry range and basic level desoldering machines come with a temperature setting that ranges between 300 degrees and 900 degrees centigrade. Wider temperature range enables you to use the desoldering station for not only desoldering but also for other heated removals as well. Basic systems let you with small temperature adjustments whereas more complex systems also come with temperature sensors that are built onto the tips of the guns.

Warranty: Given the considerable price range on these machines, it is important to have a warranty window should any of the parts fail to function due to any manufacturing defects. Most of the branded machines come with at least 1 year of manufacturers’ warranty and the higher the better.

Accessories: A lot of desoldering stations come with a wide range of accessories as well. Added accessories include sharp tips, broad tips, brushes, pick equipment etc., These are imperative when you are doing surgical solder removal on complex circuitry.

These are the most important considerations that you...