Apple’s New Augmented Reality App Is Being Tested At Apple Stores And Starbucks

Apple is in the works to create a new augmented reality (AR) app. Codenamed “Gobi”, the app has been described as a solution that augments what you see on your iPhone with additional information. It will cater to QR code-like tags which will trigger an AR experience, according to a leaked report. The company is currently experimenting integrations with Apple Stores and Starbucks. “For instance, users would be able to hold up their phone in an Apple Store and view information about the products on display, get pricing, and compare features.” The AR experience would also be part of Apple’s forthcoming AR headset project.
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Specific QR codes-like tags will trigger the augmented reality experience in iOS 14’s AR app and it is possible that iBeacons or Apple’s AirTags could also act as the trigger, reports 9to5Mac . Furthermore, it is very likely that there will be an API or SDK integration that third-party companies will make use of. This is due to provide their own tag identifiers.
Image credit: Apple The iPhone or iPad being used would know which AR experience to kick in based on QR code-like tags that would be placed in the retail locations. interestingly, Apple’s rumored AirTag device could be used as a trigger, too, or the iBeacons that are already installed in retail stores as well.
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“There will be some sort of SDK or API integration for third-party companies to provide their own tag identifiers, which would load up custom assets and scenery for that company. This would be based on extensions built into downloaded App Store apps. Apple appears to be currently trialing this feature with Starbucks,” the 9to5Mac report said.