12 Useful Telegram Features You Should Be Using

Whatever your reasons for using Telegram, it’s a solid messaging app. It makes for a great alternative to WhatsApp and SMS messaging, and if you can persuade your friends to join, Telegram is well worth using.
However, if you haven’t moved beyond the basics, you’re missing out on a lot of the best Telegram features. So in the article we details some lesser-known features of Telegram that you may have overlooked until now.
1. Use More Than One Phone Number
Have you ever needed to change your phone number but worried about transferring all of your contacts and other information to the new number? While this can be a lot of work, Telegram does it all for you. You can easily change the phone number attached to your account without losing any of your chats or contacts.
To change the number you use with Telegram, slide out the left menu, open Settings , and tap on your phone number under Account . Then choose Change Number and follow the instructions.
This will move all messages, clients, and media to your new mobile number. Plus, Telegram will automatically add your new number for all your previous contacts.

If you want to add a second number instead of migrating, Telegram also lets you use multiple accounts at once. On the left sidebar, tap your contact info to expand the account switcher and choose Add Account . You can use this to, for example, keep your personal and professional lives separate without having to use another messenger app.
2. Upload Multiple Profile Pictures
Speaking of multiples, Telegram allows you to upload additional profile photos. While the latest photo is the profile picture your contacts will see, they can swipe to see the rest of your pictures.
To upload new profile images, open Settings and tap on the camera icon. You can take a photo, upload an existing one, search the web for a new image, or remove your current photo. Tap your profile picture here to see everything you’ve uploaded.

3. Try Secret Chats
While all Telegram chats are encrypted, default chats are still stored on Telegram’s servers. This conveniently allows you to access your messages on multiple devices, but it might raise security concerns.
For maximum privacy, you can create secret chats that use client-to-client end encryption. These aren’t stored on Telegram’s servers, so you can only access them with your specific phone. If one party deletes a message, it disappears on both devices. And you can specify a self-destruct period for all media if you like.
Simply slide out the left menu to start a new secret chat.
4. Customize the Look of Telegram
In Telegram, you can adjust the default look’s colors and background. If you like, you can even set up your own custom theme to make your Telegram look exactly the way you want it to look.
To adjust the theme, go to Settings > Chat Settings on Android, or...