6 Questions to ask before investing in an Emerging Technology

5G , Blockchain, Machine Learning Solutions, IoT, Neural Languaga Processing and  other Distributed Ledger Technologies, AR- these are not just technical jargon to bore you out of interest.  These are the emerging technologies of today that will eventually be as common as the Internet is today. As an enterprise leader, do you really know which of these technologies bring the best value in the long run?

If you don’t know, you need to. Because the Enterprise software market is the fastest-growing market in the IT industry, with a 10 percent year-on-year growth rate . This means most of your competitors are already set to leverage potentially disruptive technologies to attain a sustainable competitive advantage.

But what about you? Well, the dilemma surrounding the use of upcoming technologies for enterprise applications is understandable. There are so many questions revolving around their use that it’s hard to get your head around them 
To help CIOs, IT leaders in entrepreneurs to come out of this dilemma, I’ve prepared answers to 6 Most Important Questions One Needs to Ask before investing in emerging software technology . 
1) What’s the best way to evaluate new technology for its potential business value?
In my opinion, the best way to evaluate any new technology’s potential business value is to first determine whether people really need the technology solution you offer . A need or a problem that can be solved with new technology would always have a high potential for generating revenue.
In most of these cases (where technology solves a non-existent problem), the potential of business profitability eventually ends up becoming so low that either the business ends up bankrupt or they start pushing for something else.
This is what most businesses fail to understand. They will see technology such as blockchain gaining popularity and immediately jump on the bandwagon without knowing what they want to do with it. 
Who can forget the Dot Com Bubble? A lot of businesses tried to leverage the potential of the Internet. But only Amazon and eBay emerged out of it as the biggest winners. Why only those three? Because they found a problem that could have been solved with the emerging technologies at the time (the Internet).
2) Which business and IT parties should be involved in evaluating the Emerging technology?
Every business has a vision for itself. Investment or planned investment in new technology has to be done while respecting this vision. So if you ask me about the parties  I would involve in evaluating new technology, I would want to involve almost everyone working towards the vision of the business.
Now there’s a distinction to be made. Not everyone in an organization is working towards the same organizational vision. Some parties, such as non-experienced employees or freshers work on...