Face Recognition Module M5 Makes the Recognition More Accurate

The current social development has made face recognition technology more and more mature. Because the rapid economic development makes people slowly enter the fast-paced life, the convenience of life is gradually highlighted. At present, there are many applications for face recognition, such as face payment and face access control , Face attendance, etc.
Embed the face recognition module in the device, and then cooperate with the use of related software, the final face device will be formed. When people are close to the face device, the face recognition module will capture face information at the first time, which emphasizes the accuracy of face recognition, and then transmits the captured information to the background face database for comparison. Check out the face through the algorithm. This process is completed.

Our face recognition module uses a TOF camera, which can also be used in low light conditions. At the same time, the infrared binocular camera can better capture facial features, while using live detection to ensure the authenticity of the face. So it’s impossible to get through the photos. Of course, the small size of our module can be better embedded in the device, which is a big advantage.

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