Positronic Releases New Lightweight Aluminum Backshells for D-sub Connectors

Positronic is pleased to announce the release of new Lightweight Aluminum Backshells for its D-subminiature (D-sub) connectors. New styles have been added to the existing portfolio, including straight exit, side exit and low-profile designs. These designs are appealing for applications where size and space configuration constraints are present.
Positronic Lightweight Aluminum Backshells ensure high performance connections and a long life in the field. The shape maximizes the internal area, which facilitates harness assembly. In addition, with no obstruction behind any portion of the connector body, the backshells can be used with many Positronic Combo-D connectors, giving the customer more options for their interconnect solution. The backshells are available with in all Positronic D-sub shell sizes and can be ordered with jackscrews or a quick disconnect locking device.
The new Lightweight Aluminum Backshells are built for mission-critical applications and provide an excellent combination of size, weight, performance and protection. “Our original aluminum hood designs have been extremely popular with customers and we are expanding the product line to include additional choices for customers,” states Corinna Foley, Global Product Manager for D-sub connectors. “In addition to the standard straight exit configuration, we are now offering side exit and low-profile options, as well as custom designs.”
The Lightweight Aluminum Backshells are available for purchase and additional details can be found at www.connectpositronic.com/aluminumbackshells .
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