Does iPhone SE 2020 Worth Buy?

At the end of last week, Apple launched the new iPhone SE 2020. And we can say this was a huge surprise. After all, the new iPhone SE2 starting price is $399.
After seeing its major competitors launching more accessible smartphones, Apple had to do something about it as well. Especially during the pandemic, we are living.
Looking at the iPhone SE 2020
After all, the iPhone SE2 is nothing more than the iPhone 8’s body + iPhone 11’s processor + iPhone XR’s camera + a few new capabilities .
While this doesn't seem much, it has the A13 Bionic processor. That is simply the fastest processor that you can find on a smartphone at this price. So, we can say that Apple is trying to get some market share at this price level. How good is this processor? In theory, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is slower than it, and even the iPhone 11 Pro Max is slower than it.
One of the best things about buying an iPhone instead of any other brand is the fact that Apple tends to support their phones for a very long time. And since the iPhone SE2 comes with the latest processor available, you will surely get plenty of updates in the next few years.
Besides, you will also be glad to know that Apple is coming back to its origins in what concerns to the storage. After all, the iPhone SE 2020has the 64GB at the base level. And in case you want the 128GB model, it will only cost you an extra $50. And this is great news.
Should I Buy iPhone SE2 or iPhone 11 Pro? Or, Wait for the iPhone 12?
In case you are wondering if you should buy the iPhone SE2, the refurbished iPhone 11 or the refurbished iPhone 11 Pro, you are not alone. After all, this choice isn't easy.
Here is some extra food for thought:

This new SE is using a lot of parts from previous models. This may be a problem for some people. However, these old parts of this iPhone are using good so they should work flawlessly.
The design of the SE2 is not really that amazing. In concerns to the design, you would better off with a refurbished iPhone 11 or refurbished iPhone 11 Pro. That extra bezel may not please everyone.
The new iPhone SE is larger than the last iPhone SE. So, if you are looking for a smaller phone that is not that small, then the new SE may be a good option.
Another aspect to keep in mind is that all the low-cost iPhones tend to lack the headphone jack. And while some people don't care about this, some do. So, it's worth pointing it out.

Bottom Line
In the end, if you are looking for a low price and portability, then the new SE is a great option. And while you won’t find the features you can find on a refurbished iPhone 11 or 11 Pro; this is a pretty good value.