UIB Celebrates Its 6th Anniversary

On February 6, 2020, an excited group of customers, partners, and investors came together to celebrate UIB’s 6th anniversary. How did the UIB team celebrate this important milestone? They invited our VIP guests for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of UIB’s new world headquarters in Ngee Ann City to experience the future of technology first-hand. Here are some of the photos from the event.
UIB’s Six on the Sixth 6th Anniversary Celebration in our Ngee Ann City office
Welcome to UIB! — L-R: TGR Team Member and UIB Business Development Manager Caroline Patrick
Canapé Table
What does UIB do?
Stephane Bigard, Brilliant Media & Productions CEO and Co-Founder Chloe Cho, and UIB Advisor Margit Brusda
UIB Board Member Georg Metz, IBM Singapore Managing Director and CEO Veronica Allen, and UIB CEO Toby Ruckert

Executive Director, Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce Tim Philippi and H Square’s Claudia Hayes

FCS Computer Systems Head of Marketing Marjon Anders and Vice President of Major Accounts  Karen Bey with UIB CEO Toby Ruckert

L-R: &How Partner Toshak Jethwani, &How Managing Partner David Robinson, Biqmind CEO Sumit Mathai, and Biqmind COO Mark Mooney

“We have entered the golden age of collaboration between humans and AI.”

UIB Founder and CEO Toby Ruckert

UIB CEO Toby Ruckert welcomed everyone by saying, “We have entered the golden age of collaboration between humans and AI. Together with our partners, we are humanizing technology, not ‘technologizing’ humans.” Here are the robots, AI-powered assistants, smart home technologies, and other innovations our guests experienced.

Meet Misty

Six on the Sixth’s official Bar-Bot, Misty

Serving as the event’s official Bar-Bot, guests gave their drink orders to SXSW 2020 Innovation Awards Finalist, Misty Robotics’ “Misty II.” Because UIB is an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP), event guests were able to talk to and text Misty on WhatsApp. Misty is compatible with UIB’s UnificationEngine ® Conversational IoT platform and its wheels, motors, sensors, and cameras allow it to function as a teacher’s aid, a security guard, an  eldercare companion, and more.
Smart Home

UIB Singapore Partner Jay Shah from &How Intelligence

Guests used UIB’s technology from their mobile phones to control smart home appliances and electronics from the most popular brands.
Smart Building Services

UIB Head of Corporate Partnerships Muzzamel Mazidee

Guests got to experience how UIB’s technology allows people in co-working spaces to book rooms, order refreshments, get help, manage their accounts, and more.
What’s next?

Toby concluded his remarks by saying,...