IOT connects people

No, you did not misread the title we chose. IoT does indeed connect people.
When we began this journey we were far from imagining the course that Coreflux would take, but one thing is for sure: we wanted to create a solution that was able to solve actual problems of multiple industries and the people who work in them.
Considering that all of our development is grounded on the solid pillars of the Scrum (Agile) methodology, the first step was obvious:
“We need User Stories!”
Contact with real people, who face actual challenges presented by daily work in Industry, was just the starting point for something that would soon become far more encompassing.
Some of the key topics that our community talk about Answering every request with different levels of depth and complexity is not just a challenge, it is in fact “The Challenge”.
With a solid user base and a growing number of practical cases, many of which stemming from the same point of empirical knowledge and seeking the same end-purpose, one of the primary needs we have is to create a common factor in these stories, experiences, doubts and achievements.
Coreflux Medium Cover 1– Our community is the starting point and foundation
With a community network being something so dynamic and unifying, we began by designing the image of what will serve to provide a warm welcome for anyone that chooses to use Coreflux. As intended and described, our community solution is thought / designed for and by itself, in accordance with its own needs.
Coreflux thus progresses towards being a convergence point, or better yet an ignition point, to carry out into reality all and any IoT solutions that have been imagined by members of the community .
A truly engaged connection between coreflux and our members community. 2– A knowledge network, with a dedicated channel and videos
Our community will have the possibility to accompany the development of Coreflux through our Youtube videos , as well as through our blog on  Medium .
The Youtube channel and Medium blog will not be channels of communication intended for advertising, but entirely shaped to serve our community with actionable information, for both newcomers and experienced users.
We are designing a community website full of work tools, information, assets, task shortcuts, and a handful of surprises.
Our first video spot on Coreflux Community Channel 3- The Coreflux community receives back everything that it gives
The creation of a starter kit is just one of the points in an agenda that includes the organization of an event entirely dedicated to IoT & Industry 4.0 , and the development of a beta program granting exclusive access to Coreflux starting next September.
Soon, everyone will be able to partake of the Coreflux solution, already revolutionizing the industrial landscape.
On a...