RPA in Various Domains: How RPA Solves Industry Level Problems?

RPA is the process through which simple to complex tasks can be automated with the help of RPA tools , and can be done with minimal or no human intervention. The term RPA evolved in the automation industry but it is no more limited to the tech industry. In this article on RPA in various domains, I will shed some light on how robotic process automation is used in the various domains and how these industries have benefited.
Since UiPath and Automation Anywhere are the top two RPA tools present in the market today, it a must that you understand how these tools are being used in the industries today. So, for your better understanding, I have divided this article into the following two sections:

RPA in Various Domains using UiPath

RPA in Various Domains Automation Anywhere

Before you get started with this article, if you wish to know about what is Robotic Process Automation and how does it work, you can refer to my article on RPA .
RPA in Various Domains using UiPath
In this section of the article on RPA in various domains, we are going to discuss how RPA has been used by various organizations or institutions with UiPath to automate simple to complex processes. The domains considered are as follows:






RPA in Banking
Federal Bank is a leading private sector bank that is headquartered in Kerala, India. Over the last ten period, this bank has grown and now operates for more than 1250 branches throughout India.
The bank wanted to merge the unique customer identification codes to identify the customers . If the bank decided to do this task manually, then it would be time-consuming, error-prone, and it would be tough to scale the bank simultaneously .
One more challenge which was observed is that the bank wanted to make sure that its employees were empowered to provide and maintain strong customer relationships and other relationship-oriented services. But, they also wanted to use digital transformation in the front, to run businesses, serve its customers and help employees.
To overcome the challenges, Federal Bank started looking for various opportunities and started evaluating the top RPA vendors. The bank used the robots provided by UiPath to uniquely identify the customers with their customer IDs. The UiPath robots could process a sample of 10000 customer records within a day and could merge 250 records in an hour.
If we talk by the numbers, then UiPath has helped Federal Bank achieve the following numbers:

0% error rate in the reconciliation process
Completion of tasks in 50% time
Automate 15 different processes very quickly
Company has the plan to...