The 7 Best Butane Torch Reviews and Buying Guide

The butane torch is a reliable and most useful tools to perform a variety of applications that range from light duty home projects to cooking delicious dishes. The butane torch is easy to use and will blast flames with the temperature up to 1430°C, which is quite enough to melt various metals like copper, aluminum.
One has to choose it effectively, either for using it for cooking purpose or construction / industrial purpose. So, to invest best in this butane torch, one has to keep these 2 main points in mind.
Ignition – Choose the butane torch lighter which is easily ignited and extinguished with a simple press of the button. So, there should be an instant on/off ignition which is highly useful and convenient for users without straining.
Burning Time – It is the length of time a butane torch burn, and it is different for different models. It depends on how efficiently the torch uses the fuel and how much fuel this torch can hold. In general, the burning time will range in between 30 – 2 hours (normal household) whereas industrial torches reach up to 3 – 5 hours.
Apart from these 2 key points, one has to consider various factors which are clearly mentioned in the below Buying Guide . Also, we came up with some of the best-selling butane torch in the market (after a thorough research on various best products).
Scroll down to know about butane torch and purchase your best one that suits perfect for your requirement, from this list of products.
Have a look on the list of some of the best butane torch available in the market. select your best and most suited one, as per your requirement.
Best Butane Torch

Butane Torch
Flame Temperature
Burning Time
Gas Capacity
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Bernzomatic Torch
1.5 – 2 hours
14.1 ounces
5.7 pounds
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Blazer Butane Torch
2500° F
35 minutes
35 grams
12 ounces
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Zoocura Butane Torch
2500°F / 1350° C
40 minutes
28 grams
1.05 pounds
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Dremel Butane Torch
75 minutes
1.54 pounds
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Power Probe Micro Butane Torch
2 hours
8 ounces
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Bernz- O -Matic Butane Torch
30 minutes
6.4 ounces
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Jun-L Butane Torch
45 minutes
6.8 grams
6.6 ounces
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7 Best Butane Torch Reviews
1. Bernzomatic Torch 

This Bernzomatic TS8000 Torch with attachment comes with an automatic on / off ignition that let you lighten up any flame easily with...