Factory Reset Alarm.com Doorbell Camera

This article will describe how to factory reset your alarm.com doorbell camera for many reasons. Perhaps you changed your wifi password, internet provider or your doorbell camera simply stopped working and started to flash red…

Your alarm.com doorbell might be flashing and if so requires attention.

Loss of Wi-fi connection from doorbell to modem… This color means that your doorbell has lost wifi connection with your internet modem. Possibly due to someone changing the wifi password or even changing the modem or internet provider. No problem it is an easy fix..

Your doorbell is experiencing power related issues.. When this occurs it means that your doorbell camera is experiencing power related issues. Check wiring and make sure camera is not loose as it must be tightly screwed on to back plate so terminals are touching.

3 Troubleshooting Techniques For Your Doorbell

AP mode allows you to add your doorbell to your account.. In order to program the doorbell camera to your app on your phone it must be ready. When your doorbell is flashing red and green it means that it is ready for install.

This is how you do a power cycle on your doorbell camera If for some reason your doorbell camera loses connection and starts flashing red for no reason. This means you did not change your internet or wifi password. It is possible the wifi signal dropped or the doorbell is out of range.

Try power cycling by holding the doorbell button down for up to 70 seconds until it flashes blue. Upon power up it will try to reconnect. If this does not work then try power cycling your modem. If that does not work then do a full factory reset.

This will erase all info inside doorbell and get ready to be added fresh again.. By pressing the doorbell button down for about 80 seconds it will completely erase all information inside the camera so you may re install or program it to the same account or even a different one.

Important: You must delete the camera from your account on alarm.com to ensure a smooth setup. Otherwise it will show two doorbell cameras and become a problem. Follow the instruction below to remove a video device from your alarm.com account.

How To Remove A video device from your alarm.com account ?

Go to www.alarm.com
login with email address and password
On left click on video

Click on Settings

Click on Device Info

If you have more than 1 video device make sure you select the doorbell camera before the next step.
Scroll down and click on Delete this video device

That’s it !! The doorbell is gone and can be re added to account…

Watch Video Above To Re Install To Your Account..
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