Retrotouch IOTTY Smart Switch Review

Stylish smart switch

Stylish glass finish Alexa, Google & Siri IFTTT No hub

Deep switch Neutral required

4.1 Overall Score

How it works

3rd part connectivity



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What does the Retrotouch IOTTY S mart Switch do?

The switch replaces your existing switch and makes it smart by connecting to your home WiFi. It connects directly to your WiFi without the need for a hub or controller.

Note: To install it you need a neutral wire in your switch. Once installed you can control the switch via the app (Androdi and iOS). The app is packed with features:

Energy monitoring – to keep an eye on consumption
Geolocation – turn on or off the device when you leave or arrive home
Sunrise and sunset – control the device based on the sunset and sunrise
Rooms – controlling multiple switches in one room
Scenes – set scenes with one button press
Weather – control the device according to the local weather
Notifications – receive alerts when used
Sharing – share with members of your household
Away mode – fake your presence but turning on and off randomly

How easy is it to setup?

Installation was easy, the only thing to be aware of is this is quite a deep switch due to the tech inside it. This means if you have a lot of wires in your switch or a shallow back box it can be tight! It is also worth noting you require a neutral wire for the switch to work. If unsure check before you buy.

What’s the connectivity?

The Retrotouch IOTTY smart switch connects to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri allowing voice control: “Alexa turn on living room light” As well as IFTTT with 6 pre-made applets as well as being able to make you own and connect iotty to your smart home.

IOTTY on IFTTT How much does it cost?

The switches start from £69.99 for a single gang switch.  It is also available in white or black finish.

What is it like living with it?

Simple and stylish! It’s great to be able to control the actual light switch not just the bulb like standard smart lighting. This means you can always control it, unlike smart bulbs where one flick of the switch and the bulb is dumb. The other great main selling point is it works with all bulbs, even if not dimmable. This is why you need the neutral wire. The switch itself really stands out due to the back lit glass, the only thing we found frustrating was the size of the switch as this prevented us putting it in a few rooms without changing the back box.   Being able to control the brightness of the backlight is a nice touch especially if installed in the bedroom.

What are our final thoughts?