How Tutors Can Boost the Effectiveness & Retention Rate of their Online Courses

The e-learning industry has seen rapid growth in traffic over the years with the increase in a wide range of passive-income and professional skill learning needs. Then again, retaining learners to complete their online courses has proven to be a greater challenge than attracting a pool of fresh new learners.
The average retention rate for a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) can be as low as 15% to 20% wherein an eduprenueur might find themselves struggling to obtain a 40% retention rate in order to gain any viable returns from their course. In order to supplement long term goals, it is more sustainable to try and increase in your average learner retention rate rather than incurring more expenses in getting more students to enroll. Your usual e-learner might include under 25 college students or an individual in their mid-thirties earning an average five-figure income. Distraction and stress can lead to a lack in motivation for your e-learners, resulting in discontinuation.

As tricky as it may seem, once you have your audience settled in by promoting a more engaging approach that will help absorb information more effectively, your retention rate will sky-rocket. Here, are a few ways you can effectually increase your learner retention.
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1. Placing yourself in your e-learner’s shoes
Your learner’s perspective is the golden looking glass for you to get through to them more quickly. Consider your online course’s platform functionality for instance; does it improve intuitive learning or does it include practical navigation? Ensuring that the curriculum of your course is easy to access and navigate, is imperative. Review your online course yourself or with feedback from a friend in order to understand your e-learner’s perspective and use that experience to boost the effectiveness of your online course. Make sure that the learner is free to explore the course material as they so desire.
2. Creation of an immersive learning environment
Look back at your own experience. Have you ever taken interest in a course that was dull and filled with jargon? Your e-learner requires a more engaging approach that is not tedious or filled with long reading-modules. In order to retain their attention, your online course needs to be more thorough and to the point with its content. It should highlight the primary aspects in the simplest manner and create a step-by-step guide that carries the learner forward as and when they wish to proceed.
3. Improve learner interaction
The subject of your online course needs to be relatable to the learner, enabling them to participate more actively. Once they are able to connect with the material of your course on a personal level, they would be able to realize how the information ties up into the real world. Facilitating them to reflect on your own personal experiences will allow them to...