5 Biggest iPhone Problems & Their Solutions in 2020

No doubt, Apple has made some major changes in the past with its recent flagship phones like iPhone 10 & 11 Series in terms of quality & performance. Issues like faster battery drain, connectivity, etc. that once were overlooked had been taken into consideration & improved. 
Regardless, there are times when we more often than not find ourselves struggling with one or the other issues with our iPhone. 
Worry not! In this blog, We list down 5 of the common apple iPhone problems in 2020 with their solutions.

1. Black Screen / Frozen Screen
Nothing annoys less when your phone screen goes black even when your iPhone is turned on & you can’t do anything about it. You’re hearing the phone ring when someone is calling but the screen is black & you can’t answer the phone, your phone got stuck on a black screen after a firmware update, or even while updating the iOS are some of the problems faced by the users. 
The reason behind this issue could be either hardware or software; However, most of the times it may happen because of a software crash. Please follow the below steps in order to fix the iPhone black screen issue.
Force Restart your device. It won’t erase the content on your device. 
Follow instructions as below:

Press & quickly release the volume up button. 
Press & quickly release the volume down button. 
Press & hold the Side button till the Apple logo appears.

If your iphone still doesn’t turn on or startup, you should rather plug in your device & let it charge for an hour. You would see a charging screen within a few mins. 
This should fix your black screen error. Despite following all the above instructions, if your device still not starting up, click here in order to fix it.
To know more - https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201412
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2. Quick Battery Drain-

iPhone faster battery usage is something every iPhone user tends to complain about, please follow the below steps in order to fix your iPhone battery issue. Before you think of an iPhone battery replacement consider trying the below steps to see if they fix your battery problem.
Turn off push mail -
Follow the below instructions to turn of your push mail.
Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Fetch New Data > Turn off Push at top > Scroll down > Set fetch to 15 mins > Change each email account to fetch.

Perform a battery check. Go to Settings > Battery > Scroll down to locate two numbers one is for Usage and the other Standby. Check both the numbers and ensure that the Usage number is quite low compared to the Standby number. Note down the numbers and lock your phone. Open it...