5 Conversational AI Companies Tackling COVID-19

All of the information here are the words that you read on social media, chats, news channels, advertisements, companies’ taglines, and even hear it over calls (thanks to mandatory IVR warnings). Below are five conversational AI companies that are trying to tackle COVID-19 misinformation.
IVR is not just confined to mentions. Almost everyone is trying to give out information and solutions, often without fact-checked information — which is affecting the banking system — and most companies too. The distribution of the right information via appropriate channels is crucial at this point of COVID to avoid any misinformation.
About 51 percent of the survey respondents by  Statista agreed that they are concerned when facts are spun and twisted, then pushed for a particular agenda through fake news media. On the other hand, 32 percent of the respondents seemed to think satire was a concern in terms of fake news.
To deal with this issue, AI-Assisted  Virtual Assistants have been proven to be the most effective tools. Government organizations and enterprises have been leveraging Digital assistants as a key strategy for communication. Enterprises are not far behind.
It is especially crucial to provide correct information to your end-users in real-time ( when the user needs the information). The time of a pandemic is such a time.
For users, they can rely on the information as it is coming from a trusted source. Facebook’s latest bot check was tallied at more than 33,000 — and Gartner anticipated that 85 percent of customer engagement would be handled without human mediation sooner rather than later.
Can you find trusted information at the pandemic time?
If you are wondering where can you find the trusted information, let me list down five companies –especially for INDIA. We have to have trusted Conversational AI Solutions. The AI solutions are helping raise awareness among the mass and giving out information from India Government approved organizations:
1. Sprinklr

Facebook launched a COVID-19 chatbot for Messenger as well as WhatsApp in partnership with the World Health Organization, with the help of Sprinklr. WHO chatbot provides updates on COVID-19, like latest numbers, travel advice, precautionary measures, and debunks myths too. It was an amazing move by WHO as Facebook Messenger has over 1.3 billion monthly active users and WhatsApp has 2 billion users.
It is called the WHO’s Health Alert interactive service, it can be accessed from the  WHO’s official page on Facebook or WhatsApp users can save the number to their phone contacts, and simply send a “Hi” to begin or alternatively can send a message on the WHO’s official Facebook page by using “Send Message” button. You can chat with WHO’s chatbot in English, Spanish and Arabic. As per Facebook, the WHO chatbot on WhatsApp has seen over 12 million users.
2. Yellow Messenger