LV3000U Using In Productions Line

With the rapid development of modern enterprises, traditional production lines, in order to improve production efficiency and save costs, production labels supplemented with barcodes have gradually become a magic weapon for enterprises to quickly sort. Many enterprises have begun to transform into intelligent factories, and use the industrial fixed-type code reading equipment of the Rakinda module to solve the problem of bar code detection on the assembly line. At the same time, they can also use the bar code to count production data to achieve batch operations.
The role and implementation of embedded scanning module in modern intelligent assembly line production Aiming at the production line of large-scale management of modern enterprises, the editor of Rakinda briefly introduces how to realize the automatic scanning and use of this new continent module applied to industry.
Product introduction:
LV3000U fixed mount scanner adopts a unique fully integrated design, which fully integrates image acquisition, lighting aiming, etc., which is small, light and powerful. Suitable for use in products embedded in various industries, such as cash registers, data collectors, meter reading equipment, ticket checking machines, etc.
Below is Product Features:
1.IR/Light Triggers
2.Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)
3.IP54-sealed Housing
4.Unmatched Reading Performance
5.Highly Visible Laser Aimer
6.1.5m Drop Resistance

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