GeoSmartPro AirGo Smart Fan Review – App controlled fan awarded a quiet mark rating that isn’t very quiet.

You can get pretty much anything app-controlled nowadays; there is even an Alexa controlled microwave .  So it is no surprise there is an app-controlled pedestal fan if anything I was surprised at the lack of competing options.

I specifically bought this fan to be able to use it when I go to sleep. I am a very light sleeper, so small sounds wake me up. The fan has a dedicated night mode, and with the benefit of being app-controlled, I had hoped this would be the perfect fan for me. Unfortunately, things didn't go as well as I had hoped.  

AirGo Smart Fan - Control via Voice Assistants and App (iOS & Android), Awarded as one of the quietest fans on the market, Includes Night Mode, Climate Control Automation and much more.


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Set Up and Build quality

I have bought a few fans in the past, nearly all are advertised as being quiet. The first was a £20 job, the second £50, and finally the AirGo at £109.

As you would hope for a fan costing double what others cost, build quality is superb in comparison. In particle its base is very heavy, giving it a sturdy feel when assembled.

Putting it together is self-explanatory, the base and stand are held in place by some bolts, which is the most time-consuming part of the built. When built, it doesn't wobble or feel like it will be easily knocked over.

With this being app-controlled, you will need to download an app and pair it up. A couple of Amazon reviews indicated they could not get this to work, but I had no such issues, and it worked the first time on my Huawei P40 Pro .

In Use & App

Everything is easy to use, it is a fan; after all, they are not complex. The fan has 3 speeds but then also three modes, normal, smart and night. There is also a timer. You can control all this on the front of the fan or from the app.

Controlling the fan via the app using its basic functions is a bit pointless, offering no benefit to the on-device controls.

However, what this offers that other fans do not is the ability to set up automation. It looks like the app pulls weather data, and you can assign a smart setting to carry out an action based on that.

The options include things like temperature, humidity, weather, and sunset/sunrise. You can then set it to trigger the fan to switch on based on these conditions.

Because this is app-controlled, they have been sensible enough to include both Alexa and Google compatibility, which works as expected.

In general, the app is quite good. However, beyond Alexa and Google, there are no third-party integrations. In particular, no IFTTT, so you can't easily integrate this with other smart home systems. For example, my Z-Wave sensors could not trigger the fan.

Sound Levels

In hindsight, a fan with...

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